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nxt-python in OS X

Setting up nxt-python in OS X requires a little extra effort. As described on its installation page, you will need to install LightBlue, which is Bluetooth API for Python. And in order to install LightBlue to OS X 10.6, a few manual operation needs to be done.

Nevertheless, the installation of LightBlue failed. It turns out I need to add the directory of PyObjC to my PYTHONPATH in order for it to work, which in my case (Python 2.6) is:


Also, wherever you have placed the LightAquaBlue directory (the one in Step 2 for Mac OS 10.6 users, not the one in Step 3) will need to be in PYTHONPATH, too, e.g.:


Then you should be able to setup and install nxt-python without a problem.


Before beginning trying out NXT++ today, I found this MATLAB toolbox from the wiki. The installation is quite simple, no need custom firmware, hence may worth some of my attention in the future. Setting up in either OS X or Windows requires you to know the series port the Bluetooth connection is using. A more dummy-proof version of the installation guide can be found here.

It works! Now it’s time to try NXT++.