Too bad, it doesn’t come with batteries and the NXT needs 6 AA while I only had 4. I went on installing the software on my MBP using the Snow Leopard fix downloaded from MINDSTORMS website. Unfortunately I got the “A required file is broken” message when starting NXT-G, a quick search suggested that re-run one of the driver packages (legodriver.pkg) that come with the CD would fix the problem.

Then I noticed the program crashes upon exiting. Again a quick search suggested that it does not work well with Adobe Flash Player 10.1. Removing the flash player using the uninstaller provided by Adobe and installing instead the version supplied with the CD fixed the problem.

Then somehow I am getting an error message:

Insecure Startup Items folder detected. Items in the Startup Items folder ("/Library/StartupItems/") have not been started because the folder does not have the proper security settings.

Once again a quick search showed that a file permission repair may fix the problem and luckily it did work for me.

Google rocks!

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