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In support of WordPress

With the release of firmware v2.0, playing the iPhone is more enjoyable than ever. Although the popularity of web applications is continously increasing, I just don’t feel like having to open Safari every time I need to do something on my iPhone because the responsiveness of the web applications is limited even under wifi connection.

Now that WordPress has released the iPhone version of its blogging tool, I am trying it out without any hesitation (which is what I am doing right now), just to show my support. The writing tool is very neat, and I can also attach images at the end of this blog post. Unfortunately, due to the lack of copy-n-paste function on the iPhone, I don’t think you can insert hyperlinks in the text (nor did I find the option for doing so) and nor can you insert images from a URL. As the time of writing I just found out that the source of WordPress for iPhone is made available via their SVN server, throwing Apple’s SDK NDA right back in its face. It is interesting to see how Apple would respond.

It might also be worth noting that AT&T’s 3G coverage is still under construction, at least here in Houston. For instance, I don’t have any 3G signal at home and little on campus (as can be seen from the screenshot attached). I have to manually disable 3G network to not waste my battery and to ensure the quality of my phonecalls. So basically I am using an iPhone 2.5G with a white finish (I am no fan of GPS).

Since this post is dedicated to WordPress I am going to save my comments on iPhone 3G for the next one.


A couple of good/exciting news

Out of no where (at least for me), Blizzard announced Diablo 3, the long waited successor of the famous Diablo series. Of course, I would assume (at least) another year and half before it going into beta, taking into consideration that even StarCraft 2 does not have a beta yet. Blizzard is “notorious” of postponing delivery of the final products, as they always claim that they want to take as much time as needed to achieve certain level of perfection.

Another piece of exciting news is that a bunch of Google developers have initiated the Google C++ Testing Framework project. I am not a fanatic fan of unit testing like Dat, but I do appreciate the merits of test driven development (TDD). Previously there was (there still is now) CppUnit, but it was not so straightforward to configure to work with Visual Studio. This can be attested by both Dat and me. Judging from the README and samples of googletest, everything should be as easy as in Ruby and Java. I will try it out when I finish the work at hand. The very first thing I need to do, however, is to figure out how to write the CMakeLists.txt to incorporate the test framework in a new project.

Last but not the least, I think I found a hole in AT&T’s iPhone 3G upgrade plan. According its policy, ineligible AT&T users need to pay $399/$499 for the 8G/16G model, but users who are currently on an iPhone plan are by default eligible for the upgrade price ($199/$299). Thus, before July 11th, which is the date when iPhone 3G goes on sale, if you can somehow get a hold of the first generation of iPhone, you can insert a new SIM card and activate it with your current number, which will upgrade your plan to an iPhone plan. Unless you have to show that you have an original iPhone when purchasing the new 3G model, you are qualified to upgrade just as other iPhone users.

I am not sure how AT&T countermeasure this kind of “hand-me-down” abuse. Maybe they do, but another ironic fact is that even if you start another new plan and pay for the early cancellation fee ($175), that will be only 175 + 199 = 374 for you to get an iPhone without a plan. Adding one month service fee, it is still less than $599 (price to get an iPhone 3G without signing a 2-year contract). What the heck were you thinking, AT&T?